County Website Projects have Unique Requirements

We understand that counties have specific requirements and inherent challenges that need to be addressed when upgrading their websites.
Small municipalities typically share a central office location (i.e. City Hall), while counties encompass a collection of agencies that operate in separate locations, each with their own set of needs.
This makes it especially important that the county's website serve as a portal for citizens, so that they can find the correct agency or services that they are looking for.

Typical County Website Challenges

  • Many separate agencies make up a typical county government.
  • Individual agencies sometimes manage their own websites and domain names.
  • Agencies are geographically dispersed, making it more difficult to bring agencies together for the web project.
  • The county website must be designed as a portal to address the needs of the many audiences that it serves.
  • Counties typically operate a court system, and this needs to be a major section of the website.
  • Counties sometimes operate hospitals and other health facilities that need integration with the website.

How We Meet These Challenges

  • We have experience in building large county websites that service large population bases.
  • We provide separate kickoff and planning meetings with each of your agencies and departments as part of your project.
  • We provide separate training meetings with each agency and department.
  • We provide specific content planning for economic development.
  • We have done usability testing on county websites.
  • We offer multiple domain names and sub-sites for agencies in one CMS platform.
  • We offer GIS server integration with our platform.