Price Beat Promise

We feel that our services and software do not have to be sold on price, and we are happy to compete head-to-head with any other industry-specific provider.
However, we will also don't want to lose on price alone to a municipal website provider.
So, here is our guarantee to you - we guarantee that we will beat ANY proposal from a Municipal Website Design firm by at least 20% .
This includes multi-year proposals, and proposals that include redesigns after multiple years of hosting.
In addition to beating our competitors on development costs, we will also beat them by at least 20% (sometimes MUCH more) on service fees.

Note: Once a project is awarded to us, it will not have it's price reduced to match another vendor's quote.

Annual Hosting Discount

Since the beginning, we have offered twelve months of service for the price of ten if you pre-pay for you service fee annually.

Canadian Discount

All Canadian-based local government agencies pay the same fees, but in Canadian dollars.
This provides an immediate discount and eliminates the fear and frustration of exchange rates.
No other company in our industry offers this discount.

Small City Plan

Available for cities under 10,000 citizens, and under 100 employees only.
Development fee under $10,000.
Monthly fee of $150 (or $1500 annually) includes hosting, live support, and application updates.
Free design refresh after two years with two year hosting commitment.

Turn-Key Sites for Tiny Cities (new for 2016)

We have always prided our company on designing custom websites and not going the cookie cutter template route like most companies.
However, with our new cloud platform, we can now offer mobile-ready turn-key websites that are terrific in a fraction of the time that it used to take to build them.
For these entities, a traditional custom website design project with a very formal process might be overkill and out of reach of their budget.
We have had many smaller cities call us and tell us that they WANT a turn-key site using best practices if it can keep them within their budget.
So now we offer it.
We have created a bunch of great mobile-first design layouts using best practices, that we can launch in 30 seconds on the cloud. Really.
So no matter what your size is, what your budget is, we can help you.
Some restrictions apply, so contact us for more information.

VIP Promotion

Existing customers of EvoGov that wish to upgrade their websites can save as much 50% or more.
Contact sales for more information.