We have a lot of experience upgrading economic development websites from across North America. 
From that experience, we have identified the features and services that are proven to take your site to the next level and help your area to stand out. 
Below are some examples of goals that we feel every Economic Development website should strive for. 

EvoGov will help you to achieve all of these goals for your website project.
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Goals for Every Economic Development Website

Improve Website Accessibility

  • Solution: Mobile / Responsive Design
    Build a mobile-responsive website that will be accessible on most popular mobile devices.
    All websites built by EvoGov utilize a mobile/responsive framework to ensure that your new website will perform well on all devices. 
  • Solution: ADA WCAG Accessibility in Mind
    Compliance for website visitors that have disabilities has become a litigation and liability concern for most local government agencies. We offer a multi-faceted approach to help lower your liability and serve the most visitors possible. We have both built-in tools for analyzing content, and we also partner with third-party companies to provide active monitoring of your WCAG compliance. We will consult with you regarding additional strategies to limit your liability at no charge. 

Promote Local Industries Better

  • Solution: Design an interactive home page feature that displays the major employer industries in your region. 

  • Solution: Build Custom Industry Landing Pages
    Create landing pages around each industry, to provide content for search engine optimization.

Promote Your Region

  • Solution: Add a Regional Map
    Create a radar style image showing relation to major cities, airports, and other landmarks.
  • Solution: Create Multi-Layered Interactive Maps
    EvoGov provides a built-in GIS capable mapping system for displaying your economic development layers. 
    • Show Properties for sale – interactive map or landing page
    • Show Businesses for sale – interactive map or landing page
    • Promote Growth Zones showing boundaries on a map or image
      • Create a new growth zone landing page with details information.
  • Solution: Provide Local Tax Information
    • Links to local tax information.
    • Tax Incentives Information / Forms
  • Solution: Provide Commercial Real Estate Searches
    • Link to LoopNet or other local MLS.

Provide Meaningful Resources to Targeted Audiences:

Solution: Include Company Relocation Resource Links and a Landing Page

Solution: Aid Job Seekers

  • Job board or links to local job resources.

Solution: Aid Family Relocation

  • Area Attractions
  • Area Employers
  • Local Events and things to do
  • Schools Information

Solution: Aid Existing Regional Businesses with Targeted Content

  • Business Directory
  • Landing Pages
  • Business Maps
  • Offer Case Studies 
  • Employer Email Newsletter 
  • Business Network Marketing
    • Chamber Events
    • Job Events
    • Ribbon Cuttings
    • EcoDev Case Studies
    • Local News Affecting Businesses
  • Legislative reports
  • Chamber News / Reports

Present a More Unified, Consistent Brand

  • Solution: Leverage your branding collateral in the new website and email marketing campaigns. 
    If you have a new branding effort underway, use your new logos, colors, fonts, photos, and other collateral to build your new website using a consistent brand presence.

Generate Leads and Inquiries

  • Solution: Design forms to capture website leads by requesting more information. 
  • Solution: Create an “information pack” that visitors can order or download.
    Then send them a PDF with more information and follow up using your favorite CRM solution.
  • Solution: Offer a signup for an email newsletter.

Track Website and Campaign Performance Better

  • Solution: Integrate Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is a free service for gaining insights into how your website is performing, and overall traffic and visitor counts.

Increase Social Media Reach

  • Solution: Integrate social media accounts into the website to boost followers and social reach.
    • Facebook Feed
    • Instagram Feed
    • LinkedIn Link
    • YouTube Channel

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