Introducing EvoBids

We now offer a full-featured Bid and Request For Proposal (RFP) management system, which is integrated with our CMS.
For our customers that post bids online, and who need to manage the responding bidders, while keeping the bid process secure, this is a dream come true.

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How it Works


  • Intregrated and managed through EvoCMS
  • bid list is automatically generated
  • Can be setup as a standalone site/service with its own domain name
  • Manage bid categories
  • Post bids
  • Add bidding companies through CMS
  • Update bids (within the close date)
  • Prevent employees from seeing bid uploads until the close date (anti-collusion measures)
  • Planholder list is automatically generated, showing a list of companies that have downloaded the bid documents
  • Built-in traffic reports
    • Bid views tracked.
    • Bid package downloads tracked.
  • Email Alerts
    • Emails sent when a bid is uploaded
    • Mass emails bidders if the bid is updated
    • Mass emails bidders if bid files change
    • Mass emails bidders and staff when bid closes


  • Turn-key setup
  • No more paper bid packet hassles
  • No design work required (unless standalone bid site is created)
  • No need to use a third-party bid management vendor - saves you money
  • Single point of access for customers through the built-in portal
  • Centralized customer database
  • Low cost
  • Support included

See your bid Planholders at a glance. Every login, view, download, and submission is tracked.

EvoGov Bid System for online RFP management

Getting Started

  • Contact us at sales[@] or use our contact form for more information or a demo.