Published on Jul 16, 2017 at 09:46a.m.

New Feature - Cut and Paste Images Directly Into our CMS Editor!

Save hours updating your website's images!

We just launched a new feature where you can drag-and-drop (or paste) images directly into the our CMS content editor, and the editor will then upload your images directly to the CMS in real-time. 
This will AUTOMATICALLY upload your images to the Media Library for you. This saves a TON of time when building new web pages or adding photos to existing pages.
This eliminates several steps when you want to place an image into a web page quickly. 
You can even take screen shots of an area of your screen, and paste them right into our page editor. 

Windows Screen Captures: 

Macintosh Screen Captures:
On a Mac, I typically use CTRL + CMND + SHIFT + 4. Clicking those four keys brings up crosshairs, that let you screen shot part of your screen to the clipboard.
You can then use CTRL + V to paste your new image anywhere you want in our CMS and it will be automatically uploaded.

This is a great new feature that we know our customers will enjoy. 

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