Published on Oct 30, 2017 at 11:13a.m.

New Form to SMS Text Messaging Feature Deployed

Your website's forms can now send SMS text messages to multiple phone numbers when you get a new form submission through your website.
This is free of charge, and has been launched on all active websites. 
This will make it easier to be responsive to critical form submissions from your customers. 
The SMS technology will be conintually deployed into our other applications. 

The EvoGov Difference

When you host your website with EvoGov, it continually receives new features as we host it. 
Your site literally "evolves", and that how we chose the name of our company - we build websites that evolve on their own. 
Our competitors charge for applications and features, like Meeting and Agenda management - we don't. 
All applicaitons and features come with our CMS for one low fee. 

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