Published on Aug 29, 2016 at 01:06p.m.

In addition to the daily code updates that we push out (yes, daily!), EvoGov is developing a new way to manage website content that makes it faster and easier than ever before, with an enhanced security model that will be miles ahead of our competition. We expect this to be completed over the next couple of months, with incremental roll-outs happening as we update each application individually.  

Some of the new features coming to the Evo Cloud platform for website management include;

  • 1000% speed increase due to asynchronous content updates (no page refreshes). 
  • Remastering of all individual application modules to a more optimized code framework to make it more lightweight.
    This will dramatically speed up the production of new applications (like Evo311 and EvoGIS).  
  • Real-time data reports within the interface. 
  • Security models and new user interfaces which are based on user roles, expectations, job functions, and job reporting. 
  • Extended Live support from our staff built right into the admin. 
  • Improved navigation system within the admin interface itself.
  • Improved document management. 

More to come!

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