Published on May 11, 2017 at 09:40a.m.

We found a bug with our media library application that we fixed today. Performance across the CMS is now many times faster.

Here is a description of the issue, and how we resolved it:

The Issue:
When PDF files are uploaded into a website, we were indexing them for search immediately. This is a processor-intensive task, but it was not usually an issue. We are building larger sites now for bigger cities and counties, that can have massive archives of PDFs. It is possible to drag over 100 PDFs right into our media manager (a great feature), but that also meant that 100 server processes would start to index all the PDFs. This would slow down the media library (and other CMS services) for multiple customers.

The Solution: 
To fix the issue permanently, we offloaded the PDF indexing services to a separate services cloud, which already handles other scheduled tasks (like sending mass emails). The PDFs will now be indexed in batches, and this will happen separately from the CMS servers.

Server response time is more predictable and fast. Intermittent slowdowns have been eliminated. All websites are automatically updated in-place with no downtime.

We believe in transparency regarding our new features, bug features, and imrpovements to our systems. 
Many new applications will be released soon for our website platform. 

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