Portfolio Case Studies - Coral Gables Florida

Project Summary

Coral Gables is a beautiful coastal Florida city that was facing a huge upgrade cost if they stayed with Granicus (formerly Vision Internet) as their website provider.

The Starting Point

The original website was not mobile friendly, and it had a rigid frame-based layout because that is how websites were built in the early 2000s.
Granicus quoted a massive upgrade fee to upgrade the platform that the website ran on.
Coral Gables found that using EvoGov would give them much more functionality at a better price than if they stayed with Granicus.


The Process

Like all of our projects, we did a fair amount of content planning before starting the design.


Design Collateral

Using the city's style guide and other collateral added to the quality of the new design.


The New Design

The new website is a huge improvement over the old website. It incorporates the city's branding goals and it includes new interactive features.


Live Website