Portfolio Case Studies - Ventnor City New Jersey

Project Summary

Ventnor City, New Jersey is a coastal city that had a dated website built by a local IT company. The old website was lacking a modern CMS and it was not possible for the city to assign content to departments for editing.

The Starting Point

The original website was missing a modern CMS with mobile formatting and city-specific CMS applications.


The New Design

We created a photo-rich website design that also includes stack-able modules for added interactivity.
Slideshows are now used for design, instead of for posting news updates. A dedicated news area makes managing headlines much easier for the city.


The new website includes a dynamic budget pie chart showing the city's budget.


Final Result

We provided the city's departments with individual training meetings to make sure that all departments can manage their content.
The city's branding was also improved, as we worked with the city to integrate their color scheme and logos throughout the website.
The city now has a website that they can be proud of, which they can manage easily on their own.