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What is a responsive website?

Responsive design is the latest, best way to build a website. Using a suite of open-source front-end tools and scripts, it is now possible to build one website design that automatically formats itself to different device screen sizes. This makes it possible to have a mobile and tablet version of your entire website automatically. 

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the number one responsive front-end framework. It was built by engineers at Twitter. It is one of the most popular projects on GitHub, the open-source repository site. Bootstrap is what we use to create the front-end of the websites that we build, both on our current CMS and our 5th gen system which is out now.

All Sites That We Now Build Are Responsive

Every municipal website that we now build is built using a responsive framework. Responsive websites are a relatively new trend, so there are examples of our previous work that are not yet responsive. Any existing customer of ours that would like their website to use this new technology can easily be upgraded.