Case Studies

Listed below are just some of the many projects that we have built, so that you can see some examples of our work.
More cities, towns, counties, and special districts are moving their websites to us than ever. From ALL major providers.
While we try to be as transparent as possible with how we build websites, we do not publish our complete client list for obvious reasons.
Many of our new customers provide a list of site URLs that they admire, and we can usually match any design feature from any provider.
With EvoGov, you will always get a great result, with a better CMS, for less money than any other municipal website vendor.

Photo-Rich Design Examples

The latest trend in local government website design is to build sites that use photography as a main backdrop element of the design.
We call this the "Photo Rich" design approach, and it works very well with mobile responsive design.
This approach enables the menus, action buttons, mega menus, and content areas to float over the design and appear more modern in appearance.
Photo Rich designs are more fluid, where dynamic content areas can be dynamic for tablets and smartphones.
In the past, designs were much more rigid, and the main interface was designed in tables and boxes with three columns.

Classic Layout Design Examples

If you are not a fan of the current trend in photo-rich design (full photo backdrops), we can also design your site with a more informational home page design.
We call this a "classic" design strategy because most home pages used to show a lot of information in columns, such as these examples.
The reason why this design strategy has fallen out of fashion, is because modern websites need to re-arrange content to work well on all devices.
This means that the time-honored strategye of putting a ton of content on the home page has gone by the wayside.
Nonetheless, we still get requests from time to time to design a more classic layout, and that is totally possible.

Pre-Built Design Themes

This link takes you to our themes page , which shows you some of our many pre-built design layouts.
Our competition has been marketing just a few design themes for a while now, and that is why many of their sites look the same.
What makes our themes better, is that they are completely interchangeable, we have more of them, and they are strandards-based.
Your project can be completed in as little as three months, which is 1/2 the time of other providers.

Photo-Rich Municipal Website Design Examples

Please note that we have MANY more examples of our work. We do not publish our complete portfolio or client list for obvious reasons.
If you would like to see more recent or specific examples of our work that resemble an organization more like your own, then please request a quote .

Website & Features




Coral Gables, Florida - Launched August 2018

  • Complete website overhaul
  • Upgrade from Vision Internet Legacy Platform
  • Photo-Rich responsive layout
  • All new website applications.
  • Live site is at
CoralGables-Before.png CoralGables-After.png Like many municipalities, Coral Gables was facing a massive upgrade fee to stay with their old provider (Vision Internet). For over $10,000 less than that upgrade fee alone, we were able to redevelop their entire website onto our cloud platform, with content migration and training included. Cost to host and manage the website was also reduced considerably.
Livermore Area Parks and Recreation District





Sandy, Oregon

Old Website

New Website

Sandy's design was custom-built for them on our Gen 4 platform several years ago. Its mobile-first design and rich photography give it s a stunning look and feel that brought new attention to our company. Since it first went live, we have opted to make a new theme for Sandy on our Gen 5 platform ( Evo Cloud ) and migrate their site over. We then create a new re-usable design theme and we named it "Mountain" after Mt. Hood, which is in the photos of Sandy's photo carousel on their home page. You can see that theme in our theme list below.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Old Website

New Websiteketchikan-after.png

If you take a cruise to Alaska, Ketchikan is the city that your cruise ship goes to. It is an amazing place. This was a high-profile project for us to win, and we won by building a custom bid management system to replace another provider, as well as beating the competition on features and value. Once the bid system was completed, we rolled it out to all of our other customers at no charge. Future applications, such as 311 and GIS, will also be rolled out to all customers in this fashion. Now you never have to pay per-application for features from our competitors again.

Nutley, New Jersey

  • Hybrid design between photo-rich and classic layouts.
  • Simplified Mega-Menus.
  • New Live Site:

Old Website

The older design had the classic design problems of a pre-mobile era:

  • No mobile framework
  • Three column, cramped layout
  • Letterbox slideshow with poor context (slides weren't timely and linked to valuable content).
  • Massive number of menus (11 menus)
  • Massive number of action buttons

Planning Flowchart
All of our websites start with a high level flow chart of important content, audiences, and actions. To improve the usability of a website, this step is very important. The flow charts that we develop can sometimes be quite large, depending on the size of the website.

New Website

The upgraded website design, with a very clean and easy to use menu system.

Nutley, New Jersey had a website that was famously very difficult to use. The number one complaint from citizens was that they could not find what they were looking for on the site.  One of the many reaons for this was due to a menu system that wasn't built around audiences and actions - a cornerstone of great menu design. There were also too many action buttons on the page as well. When you have many departments competing for space to show a button on the home page, it quickly becomes cluttered and overwhelms the visitor.

Like this design layout? We created a theme from this layout that we call the "Wave" theme. It is now a turn-key website layout on our Evo Cloud software platform. It can be completely modified in every way to make it unique to your organization.

Kinnelon Borough, New Jersey

Old Website

The old website had a classic side menu and three column layout, which cramps website content on the home page. Like most websites that need a makeover, the home page was displaying too much information. There was no mega menu system at the top of the website, so all pages had to lose width to accomodate the left side menu.

New Website

The updated, mobile-friendly website. We use the Bootstrap framework for all of our design layouts. Beware of companies that invent their own layouts, and that only offer five (that is right, FIVE) layouts to choose from. We can build any layout that you can imagine, so you that you don't have those limits.

Kinnelon, New Jersey favored a three-box layout on their home page for their most important content. Their main menu is also above their logo, which is non-traditional but works very well for them. A large photo backdrop completes the design.

Like this design layout? We created a theme from this layout that we call the "Boulder" theme. It is now a turn-key website layout on our Evo Cloud software platform. All link colors, photos, icons, action button areas, and applications can be easily configured into a custom desing just for you.

Ocean City, New Jersey

  • Customer for 6 years.
  • Site launched right before Hurrican Sandy hit Ocean City - public safety emails sent from our newsletter system helped keep residents safe.
  • Site is currently being migrated to our 5th-gen Evo Cloud platform. Unlike our competition, we continually update our customer's websites.
  • Live Site:

Old Website

2nd Generation Upgrade

3rd Gen Responsive Website

Placerville, California built with the Ocean layout theme that came from the Ocean City project, then customized for Placerville.

Like this design layout? We created a theme from this layout that we call the "Ocean" theme. It is now a turn-key website layout on our Evo Cloud software platform. See the theme section of this page for more information.

Union County, Ohio

Old Website

New Website

This site was built on our 4th generation platform and is currently being migrated to our Evo Cloud platform on Amazon.

Like this design layout? We created a theme from this layout that we call the "Heartland" theme. It is now a turn-key website layout on our Evo Cloud software platform.

Classic Municipal Website Design Examples

Website & Features




Seymour, Connecticut

seymour-before.png seymourct.png

Classic multi-menu design with a top main navigation menu and a sub menu on the left hand side. Also classic is the button stack on the left, the letterbox slideshow, and the news area in the center column.  One factor that may make a classic design a consideration for your municipality, is how much photography you have to work with. In the case of Seymour, there was next to no photography available. The site still looks clean and modern, even without lots of photography in the design.

Plymouth, Connecticut


Derby, Connecticut


Friendswood, Texas


West Bend, Wisconsin


Ennis, Texas


We use Standards-Based Responsive Design - Our Competitors Don't!

One of the benefits of our Evo Cloud website platform and our design methodology is that we have standardized on the Bootstrap framework ( ) for front-end mobile design. Bootstrap is the best, most popular front-end mobile framework for responsive website design. Period.

CivicPlus, and most other municipal website design companies do not use Bootstrap. Instead, they have built only a small number of design layouts on their own that you must choose from. This is easy to verify - simply ask them " what mobile framework do you build sites with? "

In some cases these companies have had to go the template route to stay profitable, and they only have five or so layouts to choose from. After having you choose from one of the five layouts, they then ask you to choose from a "warming guide" for a color scheme. This makes it easier for them to rubber-stamp a design for you.  This is simply NOT how we operate - we will always build a custom website for you. The point in creating our themes is to make certain common layouts and application elements easy to customize to your liking. We also re-skin websites after just two years of hosting with us.

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