Create affordable, password-protected, feature-rich, staff-only websites for your organization.

How they work

We included special features in our EvoGov CMS that enable us to create secure websites for your staff quickly and easily.
Our class-leading CMS includes a feature to enable "staff only" mode, which requires a password to access all content in the website.

Problems with Traditional Staff Areas

In the past, we created password-protected areas within public websites that we built and we marketed those as "Intranets". 
Our competitors still offer these pseudo Intranet website sections of the sites that they build to this day. 
The problem with this approach, is that it becomes entirely too easy to unintentionally make private content public.
Sensitive files, forms, and documents can be made public with a single mouse click.
Because the CMS of both the public website and the private areas are combined in this scenario, it takes extra care to setup secure areas of the website.

How our Staff Sites are Better

Staff websites don't always include all of the applications and features of a real website when they are treated simply as a "secure folder" within the public website. 
This made us ask the question "Why shouldn't the staff of an organization get everything that their customers get?"
So our staff websites are REAL websites that include all  of our applications.
They are more secure, because the entire site is locked down using staff logins by default.
If we build your website, we can reuse the same design for your new staff site, keeping implementation costs very low.

What they cost to build

There are two ways that we build staff sites. They are;

  • Using a basic pre-built design template, or the design of a site that we have built.
    • Benefits: quick setup, fast deployment, no design cost.
    • Implementation, limited content entry, and training: Typically under $1500
    • Training not necessary if you already use our CMS.
    • For one-off staff sites built using templates, training is billed hourly.
  • A standalone, custom-designed staff site from scratch.
    • Averaging at $2500, custom quoted based on scale of project.
    • Limited content entry is included.
    • Training billed hourly

What is included

  • Application setup
  • Branding to match logos and colors
  • Menu Creation
  • Application Setup
  • Limited content entry
  • Admin training
  • Ongoing technical support

What is not included

  • Optical file storage (tiff scan file storage).
  • Custom form submissions as formatted PDFs.
  • Free graphic design services, when a turn-key template is used.

What they cost to run

If we host your public website, and you add a secondary staff website, the service fee is $50 per month.
Our monthly service fee for a standalone staff site is $100 per month.
All hosting plans we offer include free phone support.

Sample Uses

  • Benefits Information
    • Healthcare Website Information
    • 401K Information
    • Group Buy Information (i.e. warehouse shopping memberships)
    • Group Healthcare Enrollment Forms
  • Employment Resources
    • Internal-only job postings
    • Link to job postings in the public website
    • Job Application Forms
    • I9
    • W4
    • New employee orientation
    • Videos
  • Relocation Information
    • Schools
    • Utility companies
    • Shopping
    • Local services links
  • Existing employee information
    • Personnel Manuals
    • Policy Information
    • Procedure information for job roles
  • Directories
    • Staff Directories
  • Calendars
    • Company events
    • Birthday calendars
    • Vacation calendars
    • Department calendars
      • Inspections
  • Time Clock Link
  • Mass email
  • Maps of building locations
  • HR Interactive Forms
    • Employee complaint form
    • Vacation request form
    • Anonymous suggestion box forms

Getting Started

Please use our quote form to request more information. Thank you for your interest in our services.