Have a Request For Proposal (RFP) that you can to send to us?

Please send your RFP digitally to us at sales@evogov.com .
If you must send your RFP via postal mail, please mail it to us at the following address:

PO Box 3641
Parker, CO 80134

No RFP? That is OK. Get an Online Quote Now

Please complete our quote form at https://www.evogov.com/quote to receive a quote right away.
Quotes are returned in one to two days. Large projects that require a custom project plan will take longer.
Each project is unique and custom-quoted, but we understand that you need ballpark pricing to create a budget for your website project.
When you compare our one-time costs and annual costs, you will find that our fees are considerably less than other national web design companies.
If you don't see the information you need here to ballpark your project pricing, please call sales at 855-EVOGOV1.

Monthly Service Fee (Hosting)

Unlike our competition, we offer full transparency on our pricing models.
Our hosting packages come with all of our applications, with no per-user fees whatsoever.
In some cases, we have saved municipalities over $10,000 per year when switching to us from CivicPlus and other companies.

  • Small Business or Non-Profit: $50
  • Special District or Utility Company: $75-$200 (max), depending on size.
  • Small to Medium Municipality: $150-$200 (max)
  • Larger Municipality: $200-$400
  • Dedicated Custom Cloud: Varies

Monthly Service Fee Includes:

  • Evo.Cloud Cutting Edge Cloud-Based Website Application Platform on Amazon AWS
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Mass Email Newsletter Manager
    • HR Sytem with Job Postings and Job Notifications
    • EvoBids Bid System, Bid Portal, Bid Notifications
    • Intranet
    • Form-to-PDF Generator (new)
    • Form-to-Database built-in with all forms (new)
    • Google Mapping
  • All future applications
    • Evo311 Request Tracking System
    • EvoGIS two-way GIS Integration
    • Facility Rentals
    • More.
  • Free design facelift after two years of hosting (municipalities only)
  • Unlimited everything (website file storage, users, customers, bids pages, etc.)
  • Multi-Site and Multi-Domains
    • Multiple Domain Names (merge multiple domains and websites into one site)
    • Sub-Domains (gis.yourdomain.com, billpay.yourdomain.com, etc.)
    • Sticky Domains (full website within a site)
  • DNS service on Amazon Route 53, with your own login and training to manage your DNS.
  • FREE SSL - 2048 bit SSL certificates for ALL domains and sub-domains that we host (new)
  • Intranet - Secure Staff website (at a domain like https://staff.yourdomain.com) with its own CMS (new)
  • Live training and training materials
  • Phone and email support
  • 24/7/365 emergency support
  • Daily code updates deployed into your site live (your site auto-upgrades)
  • Data backups

Pricing for Very Small Municipalities (under 10k population size)

We now offer a turn-key package for smaller municipalities that costs $8850 for everything!
Please see our Small Municipalitiy Package page for complete details.

Pricing for Small Municipal Website Projects

We consider municipalities ranging in size from 10k to 50K in population to be small.
Our one-time design fees for this size municipality are typically just over $10,000, and under $16,000, depending on project size, complexity, and other factors.
The one-time design fee is invoiced at 4 milestones, as we deliver on your project, with an initial payment to get started.

Pricing for Medium-Sized Municipalities

Municipalities with more than 50,000 residents and up to 300 employees are considered medium-sized by us.
This is a large range, and it reflects the majority of the clients that we do work for. Can we handle larger municipalities? Absolutely.
Our one-time design fees for this size municipality range from $14K to $24K, depending on project size, complexity, and other factors.
This design fee is invoiced at 4 milestones, as we deliver, with an initial payment to get started.
Hosting is $200 per month or $2000 annually, all-in. This includes all applications, an Intranet, updates, backups, and live support.
2+ year hosting contracts are also given a free design refresh after 2 years (requires hosting commitment.

Pricing Larger Municipalities

Municipalities with over 100,000 residents and over 300 employees are considered large by us.
Please don't assume that the development cost has to be higher simply because of the size of of your municipality.
We will work with you to make sure that your fee is calculated to give you the best possible value.
Please complete our inquiry form for an accurate quote.

Factors that may affect your initial one-time cost and project timeline:

Size of your website
Initial preparedness (do you have all of your new content?)
Condition of existing website content to be migrated
Committee structure (web design committees slow the process)
Availability of the main contact person within your organization
Amount of new content to be produced and added
Number of stakeholders (department heads)
Turnaround time delivering content to us
Project deadline (if a rush project)
Form design (especially PDF forms)
Third party software requirements
Number of meetings required
Travel requirements (rare)

Price Beat Promise

We feel that our services and software do not have to be sold on price, and we are happy to compete head-to-head with any other provider.
However, we will also don't want to lose on price alone. Ever.
So, here is our guarantee to you - we guarantee that we will beat ANY proposal from any company that specialize in municipal website development.
This includes multi-year proposals, and proposals that include a free re-design after only two years of hosting.
In addition to being lower on development costs, we will also beat them by at least 20% (sometimes MUCH more) on service fees (hosting).

*Note: Once a project is awarded to us, it will not have it's price reduced to match another vendor's quote.
**Note: all pricing listed is approximate, and is in US Dollars. Canadian customers - please keep exchange rates in mind when planning budgets.