How to receive a quote for your website project

To receive a pricing quote for your project, you must complete our quote form.
The address is here: .
We will only respond to inquiries that contain full contact information.
Please note that all projects have many variables that affect cost, so there is no such thing as "ball park pricing" based on your population or member size.
We will evaluate your website and give you a quote as quickly as possible.
Please include any information that you feel will be important for your project&squot;s success.

Sending us your Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

You can attach your RFP document to our online quote form at .
If you prefer to email your RFP to us, you can send it to .
If you must send your RFP via postal mail, please mail it to us at the following address:

Evo Studios, Inc.
PO Box 3641
Parker, CO 80134

Have Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our services, software solutions, and development process.
You can ask us sales questions through our live chat system on our website, or by email at .

Promotions and Special Pricing Scenarios

There are several scenarios where we offer discounts or bundles of services at a lower overall cost.
A list of some of these scenarios is below.

  • Very small municipalities - We help smaller municipalies by bundling services without extra fees, and at the lowest possible cost.
  • Canadian customers - We quote services in Canadian dollars to alleviate stress regarding exchange rates.
  • Current customer upgrades - Design and/or platform upgrades for our existing customers are always less expensive than new projects.
  • Competitive migrations - New customers moving their websites away from key competitors of ours to our platform may get special pricing.

Pricing Factors

  • Size of your website
  • Initial preparedness (do you have all of your new content and photography ready?)
  • Condition of existing website content to be migrated
  • Committee structure (web design committees slow the process)
  • Availability of the main contact person within your organization
  • Early involvement of persons responsible for final approval
  • Amount of new content to be produced and added
  • Number of stakeholders (department heads)
  • Turnaround time delivering content to us
  • Project deadline (if a rush project)
  • Form design (especially PDF forms)
  • Third party software requirements
  • Number of meetings required
  • Travel requirements (additional fees apply)