What is included

  • Custom mobile-friendly responsive design with dynamic content that goes beyond simple design themes. 
  • We perform all content migration from your old website to the new website. 
  • We setup and provide access to ALL of our CMS applications (our competitors charge for each app)
    • Drag and Drop Content Management System (CMS)
    • 311 Request Tracking System with integrated customer portal
    • Meeting and Agenda Management with searchable database
    • Dynamic Forms / Databases / PDFs
    • RFP / Bid management system with integrated vendor portal 
    • HR Job Postings
    • Mass email with mass SMS messaging 
    • Surveys (with exportable results)
    • Online Payments
    • Blogs
    • Advanced Mapping with layers and GIS capabilities
    • Alert system 
    • Department-Level content management with department dashboard
    • Much more. 
  • Live CMS Training for all of your departments. 
  • Additional domain names pointed into the main website (sub-sites) are free. 
  • Additional cloned micro-sites and are hosted at $10 per month each (additional setup may apply). 
  • Completed website projects in under three months!

Typical Costs

Very Small Sites
The smallest projects start at under $5000 with EvoGov. These are typically very small websites with limited content, staffing, customization, and application needs.
Hosting begins at $50 per month for the main website, and includes ALL of our applications (just like a larger city receives).
These sites are typically small agencies outside of cities/towns/counties unless the population size is very small. 

Small Cities, Towns, Townships, and Boroughs
Typically small municipal projects and smaller special districts are under $9000 to develop the website.
Hosting of these smaller sites is around $150 and includes ALL of our applications.
Multiple training meetings and custom design are always included. Bring us your best example sites and we will build a custom site for you. 
Our target timeline is three months. It can be longer, but it doesn't need to be the 6+ months other vendors quote.
We include a rapid roll-out option as well if your site is in distress. 

Medium Sized Municipalities
The pricing on these projects ranges quite a bit, they are usually under $18,000. 
Hosting is typically capped at $200 per month and includes ALL of our applications. 
Time to build is still 3-4 months. 
We need for you to complete our quote form so that we can give you an accurate quote.     

County Websites 
We have developed county websites for counties that have only around 10k population for less than $10,000, up to counties of over 300k population that still cost under $50,000.
Most of our main competition for county website development charge much more than we do for a lesser product. 
We require that you complete our quote form so that we can give you an accurate quote or start a dialogue with us.   
Time to build varies on the size of the project.  

Special Districts / Economic Development / Standalone County Departments
We sometimes engage with a department within a city or county, when their current provider can't meet their custom needs. 
In many cases, we are brought in to provide the custom programming and data integration that they require, in addition to design work. 
For example, for county clerks and tax assessors we provide an integrated tax lookup application that is streamlined. 
Because these projects are always unique, we recommend that you complete our quote form and tell us a bit about your project so that we can provide you with an accurate quote. 

Secure Staff Portals (Intranet) Development
We do build advanced staff portals that can integrate with your internal network's security. 
Staff portals are a secure way to communicate within your agency, and those sites require a lot of the same technology that your public-facing site requires.
These are completely separate site platforms from the public site for security reasons. 
Secure staff portal projects are custom quoted. 

Common Mistakes We See When Local Government Agencies are Shopping for a Vendor

Shopping on price alone without requesting a demo
You need to know pricing so that you can budget for your website project - we get that. But how on earth can you shop for a new website vendor/partner without seeing the software you will be using?  We offer free demos. Just ask us. We think you will agree that we have the best CMS platform available. 

Insisting on Paper RFP Bid Packages
We wish this practice would stop, and thankfully it seems to be going away. To insist on printed bid packages is not only bad for the environment, it is also very expensive, and it is completely unnecessary with today's technology. 
You may be surprised to learn that we turn down many projects that requite us to print and prepare paper bid packages.  PDF bid responses have become the norm, and we don't feel that is too much to ask. Also, we provide an RFP/Bid management system for your new website free of charge. 

Using one developer's feature list for your RFP requirements
Before preparing your RFP requirements, it is best to interview a few companies to prepare your must have feature list.  Sending us a feature list from a competitor is never a good sign and we may not bid on the project.

"Provide me a list of example sites in our state"
Why? Website inspiration for your new website should come from across the country - not across the street. You should never limit your project to a choice of designs already done in your area. 

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