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Table of Contents:

  • Ballpark Pricing - One-Time Web Development Pricing for Municipalities & Special Districts

    • Small (10,000 - 50,000 population or member size)
    • Medium (over 50,000 population or member size)
    • Large (over 100,000 population or member size, or over 300 staff members)
    • Tiny (NEW - under 4,000 population or member size)
    • Very Small (under 10,000 population or member size)
    • Pricing Factors - Population/Member size is NOT the only pricing factor. This information explains the factors that will affect your project's overall price.
  • Canadian Pricing Discount

    • We are currently offering special discounts for new Canadian customers. Contact for more information.
  • Website Hosting Pricing

What Makes Us Better:

Website Development Pricing (one-time, not-to-exceed pricing model)

Pricing for Very Small Municipalities (under 10k population size)

We now offer a turn-key package for smaller municipalities that costs $8850 for everything!
This package will not last forever. Use our quote form to lock in a quote.
Please see our Small Municipality Package page for complete details.

Pricing for Small Municipal Website Projects

We consider municipalities ranging in size from 10k to 50K in population to be small.
Our one-time design fees for this size municipality are typically just over $10,000, and under $16,000, depending on project size, complexity, and other factors.
The one-time design fee is invoiced at 4 milestones, as we deliver on your project, with an initial payment to get started.

Pricing for Medium-Sized Municipalities

Municipalities with more than 50,000 residents and up to 300 employees are considered medium-sized by us.
This is a large range, and it reflects the majority of the clients that we do work for. Can we handle larger municipalities? Absolutely.
Our one-time design fees for this size municipality range from $14K to $24K, depending on project size, complexity, and other factors.
This design fee is invoiced at 4 milestones, as we deliver, with an initial payment to get started.
Hosting is $200 per month or $2000 annually, all-in. This includes all applications, an Intranet, updates, backups, and live support.
2+ year hosting contracts are also given a free design refresh after 2 years (requires hosting commitment.

Pricing Larger Municipalities

Municipalities with over 100,000 residents and over 300 employees are considered large by us.
Please don't assume that the development cost has to be higher simply because of the size of of your municipality.
We will work with you to make sure that your fee is calculated to give you the best possible value.
Please complete our inquiry form for an accurate quote.

Pricing for Tiny Municipalities or Special Districts (under 4K population or member size)

Must have less than 100 employees.
We now offer a complete package for the smallest municipalities, that simply blows away our competition.
You don't have to sacrifice any features or applications, or choose a "silver" plan from our competitors.
Your organization still gets our complete local government cloud platform, that is more robust and safer than our competitor's.
You will get ALL the applications that larger cities receive, which in the past were out of reach.
Your one-time website development price roughly $5000 for everything, and your hosting is only $500 per year.
Designs are based on our mobile-first layouts that look great, and will speed up your development time.
Your project can be built and live within 90 days. to get a quote, please start by filling our our quote form so that we can get your information to give you an exact quote.
Your price may vary slightly based on a number of factors with your existing website, content, etc.

Factors that may affect your initial one-time cost and project timeline:

  • Size of your website
  • Initial preparedness (do you have all of your new content?)
  • Condition of existing website content to be migrated
  • Committee structure (web design committees slow the process)
  • Availability of the main contact person within your organization
  • Amount of new content to be produced and added
  • Number of stakeholders (department heads)
  • Turnaround time delivering content to us
  • Project deadline (if a rush project)
  • Form design (especially PDF forms)
  • Third party software requirements
  • Number of meetings required
  • Travel requirements (additional fees apply)

*Note: Once a project is awarded to us, it will not have its price reduced to match another vendor's quote.

Pricing Policies and Guarantees

Low Price Guarantee For Municipal/Special District Website Design and Hosting

We feel that our services and software do not have to be sold on price, and we are happy to compete head-to-head with any other provider.
However, we will also don't want to lose on price alone. Ever. So, here is our guarantee to you - we guarantee that we will beat ANY proposal from any company that specializes in municipal website development.
This includes multi-year proposals, and proposals that include a free re-design after only two years of hosting.
In addition to being lower on development costs, we will also beat our competitors by at least 20% (sometimes MUCH more) on service fees (hosting).

  • We guarantee to beat CivicPlus, Vision Internet, Revise, or any other local government website design company for design and hosting fees.
  • All applications are included in our honest, flat hosting fee. There are no hidden charges. This includes a separate secure Staff Intranet website.
  • Never settle for a "Silver Package". All packages with us are full-featured and include ALL of our applications.

Hosting Fee Lock-In

We are often asked "will your hosting fees be going up soon?" because our hosting fees are typically much less than CivicPlus and other providers. Our lowest hosting fee for small non-profits is only $10 per month. Cities and counties range are obviously higher, and generally range in price from $75 to $300 per month based on the size of the website. The biggest difference here is there is only ONE fee with us. With that one fee you get ALL of our applications, multiple domain name support, and a separate Secure Staff Portal website. Other providers charge $300+ per month just for your main website, plus they tack on a maintenance fee, other application fees, and per-user fees for some of their applications. In one case, we saved a city in Kentucky over $10,000 per year in just their hosting fees alone. We can bill you month-to-month, annually, or we can lock your fees in with a hosting commitment up to 5 years into the future. The good news is that we do not have immediate plans to raise our hosting fees, as we enjoy a very competitive position in this industry and it is one of the reasons why more customers are choosing us - no-nonsense fees.

Design Refresh Commitment

A popular selling point with our services is that we can offer you a design refresh of your site's design after two or more years of website hosting. Most municipal websites need a design refresh after about four or five years. With our font-end design engine that is build on the Bootstrap Framework (other companies don't offer this), we can re-skin your website with new features and design elements quickly. This guarantee is spelled-out in our proposals.

No Outsourcing Commitment

We are seeing an alarming number of offshore developers and outsourcing companies bidding on municipal projects across North America. We intend to keep all of our developers and revenue in the USA and Canada for the foreseeable future. All of our developers are currently based in Colorado, USA. All of our solutions are purpose built for local government and owned by us. We are privately owned by a USA citizen. We do not have a parent company.

Pricing Policies and Guarantees

Have a Request For Proposal (RFP) that you can to send to us?

Please send your RFP digitally to us at .
If you must send your RFP via postal mail, please mail it to us at the following address:

Evo Studios, Inc.
PO Box 3641
Parker, CO 80134

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Quotes are returned in one to two days. Large projects that require a custom project plan will take longer.
Each project is unique and custom-quoted, but we understand that you need ballpark pricing to create a budget for your website project.
When you compare our one-time costs and annual costs, you will find that our fees are considerably less than other national web design companies.
If you don't see the information you need here to ballpark your project pricing, please call sales at 303-557-0168.

Contacting Sales / Requesting Demos

Of you would like to request a demo of our software platform, and also see how we build websites, please email us at to schedule a demo.
You can also contact John McKown in sales at 303-557-0168, x100 .

Website Hosting Fees

Monthly Service Fee (Hosting)

Unlike our competition, we offer full transparency on our pricing models.
Our hosting packages come with all of our applications, with no per-user fees whatsoever.
In some cases, we have saved municipalities over $10,000 per year when switching to us from CivicPlus, Vision Internet, and other companies.

  • Sub-Site: Free hosting of sub-domains (includes SSL)
  • Cloned Site: $10. This is for small websites where we copy your design onto their own domain (with SSL!)
  • Small Business or Non-Profit: $50
  • Special District or Utility Company: $75-$200 (max), depending on size.
  • Small to Medium Municipality: $150-$200 (max)
  • Larger Municipality: $200-$400
  • Dedicated Custom Cloud: Varies, is rare.

Monthly Service Fee Includes:

  • Evo.Cloud Website Platform
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Mass Email Newsletter Manager
    • HR System with Job Postings and Job Notifications
    • EvoBids Bid System, Bid Portal, Bid Notifications
    • Intranet
    • Form-to-PDF Generator (new)
    • Form-to-Database built-in with all forms (new)
    • Google Mapping
    • EvoGIS two-way GIS Integration
  • All future application releases
    • Evo311 Request Tracking System
    • Parks and Recreation Facility Bookings and Rentals
    • More.
  • Free design facelift after two years of hosting (municipalities only)
  • Unlimited Storage and Users (website file storage, users, customers, bids pages, etc.)
  • Multi-Site and Multi-Domains
    • Multiple Domain Names (merge multiple domains and websites into one site)
    • Sub-Domains (,, etc.)
    • Sticky Domains (full website within a site)
  • DNS service on Amazon Route 53, with your own login and training to manage your DNS.
  • FREE SSL - 2048 bit SSL certificates for ALL domains and sub-domains that we host (new)
  • Intranet - Secure Staff website (at a domain like with its own CMS (new)
  • Live training and training materials
  • Phone and email support
  • 24/7/365 emergency support
  • Daily code updates deployed into your site live (your site auto-upgrades)
  • Data backups