What are Themes?

While all of our municipal website design work is custom, a lot of time can be saved using layouts that we have pre-developed using best practices.
This makes it easy to create new websites, re-skin websites, and make your website mobile-friendly in the process.
Below are some of our themes that we have created from scratch in-house. All are turn-key and can be deployed quickly.
Utilizing a theme speeds up project development by a month or more. Any Bootstrap theme can be modified easily to work on our application platform.
You can also provide us with links to features or designs in other website that you like, and we will work with your team to build your site to meet your needs.

How are Themes Built?

All of our themes are mobile-responsive and are built with the Bootstrap mobile framework so that they look great on all devices.
What other companies won't tell you, is that they built their own design frameworks that don't use standards.
The two most popular mobile frameworks are Bootstrap and Boilerplate.
By using these, we have made it possible to integrate thousands of great designs onto our CMS quickly.
The limited nature of our competitor's latest CMS is that they offer VERY few design choices for you to choose.
After choosing one of our competitor's templates (less than 10), you then select a color scheme that they call a "Warming Guide".
We feel this is silly, as your organization's brand should be built around your own branding guide - not some "warming guide".
We will work with you to integrate your brand into your new website and your site will be custom to you - even if you choose a theme to start from.



New for 2017
Coastal Theme fo Cities

This layout was custom-built by us to mirror the layout of Nantucket, Massachusetts and other websites. But unlike Nantucket (designed by a competitor), which is not mobile friendly and has many other layout problems, we took this design to the next level. We made it better, more flexible, and mobile-friendly using the Bootstrap framework for mobile/responsive websites. This theme is now turn-key and can be installed quickly for new projects. The Coral Gables, Florida project was centered around this design and looks great.

Coral Gables, Florida
In development now at coralgables.evogov.com
Click image below to see a popup of the layout.

Town of Dewey Beach, Delaware
Live on our older CMS platform, is being upgraded, but the layout is interchangeable. www.townofdeweybeach.com

NEW for 2017
Harbor Theme for Counties


Lewis County, New York

Keystone Theme

Cassia County, Idaho

Denton Water District

Centennial Theme for Midsized Cities

  • A very modern looking theme that we just developed in the fall of 2016 for new projects.

Wheeling, West Virginia

Boulder Theme

  • A three panel theme with a top menu system.
  • Originally developed for Kinnelon, New Jersey.
  • Enables larger menus with top-location.
  • keeps important information front and center in the design.

Base Theme Layout

Dover, Delaware

Kinnelon, New Jersey

Heartland Theme for Counties and Cities

  • County theme with mega menus.
  • Interactive sliding information panels on the footer.
  • Department-level main contact form.

Base Theme Layout

Union County Ohio

Trail Theme

Base Theme Layout

Keizer, Oregon

Ocean Theme

Base Theme Layout

Ocean City, New Jersey

Lantana, Florida

Classic Theme

Base Theme Layout
Base theme for Special Districts and utilities. Many expansion modules, this is a classic yet respnsive base layout.

Widefield Water District

Wave Theme

Base Theme Layout

Nutley, New Jersey

Mountain Theme

Base Theme Layout theme-mountain.png

City of Sandy, Oregon

Lake Theme

Base Theme Layout

City of Minnetrista, Minnesota

Theme Features

Themes are all built by our team, and include the following features;

  • Bootstrap mobile responsive design framework - This is the most popular responsive framework in the world, and it is much better than frameworks invented by our competitors. We utilize the latest standards in our themes, in addition, all other popular frameworks will work with our platform.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) - All sites are launched with Amazon Cloudfront, which is a CDN that hosts your static files in multiple Amazon datacenters. We use our own CDN to host icons, images, and other scripts used in our themes to make them load quickly and it makes them easier to modify.
  • Complete Code Access with Versioning! - We provide full code access to our themes right within your site's administrator. Code versioning is built-in, so if you make changes to your design that you don't like, you can roll back your design. No other municipal web design company offers this.
  • Custom CSS with Code Access and Versioning! - Colors, Fonts, Labels, and HTML overrides are all attainable because we offer a built-in CSS editor right in our admin.
  • Custom Fonts - All Google Fonts are built-into our platform and are hosted on our own CDN to keep your website loading quickly. You can see all Google fonts at https://fonts.google.com .
  • Custom Photography - Drag and drop your own photography into the built-in media library, then choose your photos for backgrounds, carousels, slideshows, and more. We provide a photography guide when we win your project.
  • Massive Icon Glyph Sets - We utilize several icons sets  in our platform, and two of the most popular ones on the internet are built into our CDN. This means that they are immediately accessible everywhere in your website, and that they load quickly. When you use Glyph icons, they are basically loaded as a font, instead of as separate images. This helps make your website mobile-friendly and they look great because they are vectors.
  • Custom Page Layouts - Mix and match most features from any of our themes. If you like a certain button menu, we can move it from one theme to another easily.
  • Departmental Home Page Layouts - Have a Parks and Recreation Department that is very busy and that wants their own home page layout that has news/events/slideshows and more? No problem. We can design custom layouts for departments in a snap, and you get access to make changes on your own.
  • News and Events Areas - News can be output in many different ways, even in the same theme. You way want a news slider, or a popup, or a dedicated news box, or an area where news and events share the same area. All of this is a achievable.
  • Modular Dynamic Content Areas:
    • Action Button menus
    • Mega menu design with sticky action buttons
    • Alert system scrolling tickers and popup messages
    • Newsletter Signup Areas
    • Contact Forms to Email Departments
    • Search boxes
    • Weather
    • Social Media Feeds (Facebook and Twitter)
    • Bid Lists
    • File Archives
    • Slideshows & Carousels with custom titles and buttons
    • Blogs
    • Job Postings
    • Current Form Areas
    • MUCH more.