Never again settle for a theme for your website

We used to show a selection of pre-built website design layouts on this page that you could browse and choose from to jumpstart your new website's layout.
And we still use dozens layouts to prepare the underlying dynamic design of new websites that we build. 
The problem is - when we showed some of our pre-built layouts here on our website it backfired on us.
It backfired mainly because many of our our prospective customers thought that their only design input was to choose between one of our layout themes.
Wrong. All of our design work is custom to your needs.
We don't rubber stamp our work like our competitors do, and you don't have to choose a theme to design your website. 

Instead of "themes", think "design features"

We will work with you to create a unique design, and here is how: 

  • We start at the kickoff meeting to gather your information and discuss design options. 
  • We provide you with a comprehensive project guide (more info below).
  • We develop a flow chart of your existing (and new) websites that is interactive for your team to be involved with. 
  • We provide an easy file uploader to share your logo files, photography, and other design files directly with us, that goes right into your new site. 
  • We will work with you to choose and setup interactive features you would like for the site (and there are many). 
  • We will help with your branding initiatives for the site unless you have a branding package already. 
  • We will integrate your photography from your area. And photography is now extremely important with modern design. 
  • Your site will be 100% mobile friendly.  

Bring us your biggest design requirements

If you see a feature that you like in another website, bring it to us. It doesn't matter which company built the site.
We have successfully built projects that combine features from many other inspirational websites. 
You also don't need to limit your project to sites we have built in your area, or designs we have done in the past.
Sometimes a new client will say "I love what you did for Coral Gables Florida" or they might say "I love the Ketchikan Alaska website that EvoGov built" and that is fine. 
We can take inspiration from those sites, as well as any other sites and build exactly the features that you desire. 

Interactive Site Features

Our CMS has many turn-key data-driven features that can be mixed and matched to create the ideal home page for your organization.
Some of these include: 

  • Interactive Menu Design by EvoGov
    All projects include dynamic menu and site structure design work. Below is one that we just completed for the City of Long Branch, New Jersey in January of 2019
  • Dynamic shrinking header areas. 
  • Large background slideshows. 
  • Embedded letterbox slideshows.
  • News box with sliding headlines.
  • "Follow and Explore" Feature - Show social media and interactive maps with layers in one feature area. 
  • Sample FAQ and Directory Sliders
    These are from a site we built for a county in Idaho. 

Design Guide - Unique to EvoGov

Once we win a project, we provide you with a design guide that is very comprehensive, and it helps to ensure your project exceeds your expectations. 
Below are some of the sections that we include in our design guide: 

Help us help you

If your project has specific needs that we have not covered in our information, please reach out to us and let us know how we can help. Thank you!