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We are excited that you want to learn more about us, and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you with you and your website project.
We have a long history, going all the way back to 1997 when my family and I first built a datacenter and a website hosting business from the ground-up.

Today, our company mission is bold and straightforward - to be the best municipal website vendor in North America.
We are hyper-aware of whom our competition is, what they offer, and how we offer a better solution. And we do offer a better solution.
Once you see our cloud-based open CMS, and all of the features that we provide, at a much better value, then we hope you will agree.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about our services or offerings.
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John McKown, President
Evo Studios, Inc. DBA EvoGov

Evo Studios, Inc. is a 100% American-owned Colorado corporation (S Corp) based near Parker, Colorado.
The sole shareholder is John McKown, the President of the company.

1997-1999 The Beginning

The story of our company began in 1997, when John and his family first formed a regional IT and datacenter services company named Delaware.Net, Inc. , based in Dover, Delaware. The goal of the original company was to service the needs of the parent company, known as CorpAmerica. CorpAmerica was a legal services company that specialized in offering Incorporating services in Delaware.  Delaware.Net, Inc. specialized in Internet access, hosting, local IT support, dedicated servers, and website design. At this stage the company was very much just a local Delaware-Area IT company.

1999-2000 Web Services Begin to Form

The company began to move away from commodity services (such as Internet access and shared website hosting) to focus on; IT services, website design, and application development.

2001 - John McKown Becomes President

Our parent company at the time was sold to Lexis Nexis, a large worldwide organization that services the legal industry. John McKown became the primary shareholder of Delaware.Net, Inc., and legacy services began to be replaced with modern web services.

2001 - Launch of Datacenter in Dover, Delaware

We built a dedicated datacenter with fiber optic Internet connectivity, and dedicated power and cooling systems. In 2001 we launched our first website Content Management System (CMS) and Ecommerce systems, long before CMS was even a household word. We began to scale our website development and application hosting business using our own software. Many local companies brought their servers to our datacenter to host them at this time.

2001-2008 - Maturity of Applications

We build dedicated versions of our CMS and supporting applications for several industries, including; real estate, vehicle dealerships, multi-tenant real estate operations, chambers of commerce portals, membership associations, medical practices, schools, and more. Our 4th generation CMS was launched in 2008, and this version combined all of our applications into a single sign-on application.

2008-2012 - Post Recession Retooling Years and the Dawn of Municipal Services

The recession of 2008 changed the local web design dramatically, and it actually enabled us to accelerate our plan to focus on fewer services so that we could specialize more. We closed down our on-site IT support business and we moved our servers to cloud-based datacenters. All of our local competition uses outside datacenters, so this just made sense. By outsourcing our datacenter services, we were able to cut our overhead in half and keep our headcount reasonable.

We also eliminated offering services to vertical markets that were outside of our goals. These included; realtors, car dealerships, boat dealerships, chambers of commerce, collection agencies, home builders, engineering firms, and several others that were crushed by the recession. While difficult, the changes we made over these years are what enabled us to focus exclusively on local government website development and hosting.

2012 - EvoGov is Born

After finding success building websites for a number of local government agencies, we saw a huge opportunity to compete against CivicPlus, Vision Internet, and other municipal website development companies that we felt were charging their clients way too much for what they were delivering. So, we created a plan and began to execute it to create the best technology system in the world for municipal websites.  This included a new corporation and name for our organization, so we can focus on government services only. We moved our company headquarters to Denver, Colorado to find better talent than was available in rural Delaware.

2013 - Our New Cloud CMS is Designed

In 2013 we began building our 5th generation website platform that we called TwistCMS. This was a complete rewrite of our software that is now completely cloud-based running on Amazon's AWS cloud. It utilizes more open-source technolgies, with our own Python code as the base platform.

2015 - Our New CMS Platform is Launched

In March of 2015 we launched our new CMS platform and we moved its development from Heroku to Amazon AWS. Since then, we have added many applications and features to this system that we include at no extra charge. Our website is build on this new platform. We utilize open datasets (like for our data. Our competition will not open their code and be this transparent . The features of this new platform alone are winning us more projects than ever. You can't choose a municipal web design company without seeing the applications behind them.

  • EvoCloud CMS - all new drag-and-drop CMS that is built on Python, and has many client-side technologies (using Angular.JS). See our technology page for more information on the technical details.
    • Complete Code Access - with our CMS, you can manage your page templates, layouts, themes, tokens, widgets, and scripts directly from our CMS. You don't need to be held hostage by your CMS any longer when you want to make design changes. Our competition cannot offer you this.
  • EvoBids - a new completely web-based bid management system that comes with our CMS at no additional cost.
  • Evo311 - a new request tracking system that combines web, mobile, social, and mapping technologies to deliver a next-generation citizen service system.
  • Intranet System - All customers get a free, secured staff website with us.

2017 and Beyond

Today, EvoGov serves many municipalities, special districts, utilities and associations from across North America and is growing. We intend to expand into more services areas, and build solutions for more customers in Canada. We are always interested and open to industry partnerships, talented staff additions, and business development opportunities.