Base CMS Features - Alert System

Alert System

  • Scrolling alert ticker across the top of your website for important news.
  • Global Popup Alert box (for all pages). 
  • Paginated message for multiple messages. 
  • Alerts hyperlink to additional content.
  • Customizable design.

Sample website showing alert popup with paginated messages. 

Emergency Home Page

EvoGov wiill assist you with the creation of an emergency home page feature.
This enables you to override your everyday home page layout and design with one that is built for emergencies.
Having this feature pre-built allows you to enable it with a mouse-click, instead of scrambling last-minute to post important safety information.
The emergency home page is optimized to remove slideshows, videos, and other heavy-load elements that can slow down emergency messages.
Our "Communication Officer" security role gives your staff one-click access to these important safety communication features.