EvoGov Frequently Asked Questions
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Pricing Questions
How much will it cost to revamp my organization's website?

We have just published our 2023 web development pricing on our website here: https://www.evogo.com/pricing

For special projects that don't fall into the categories listed, please use our quote form and we will send you a proposal right away.

How long will it take to build our new website?

Most projects take 90 days or less. Very large projects can take longer.

Our project managers will hold regular meetings with your team and provide punch lists of items that we need to keep your project moving forward. 

Once we have a signed agreement, we will share our online project guides and web-based project management system with you.
All designs are custom and can be built quickly with our re-usable design components, which we will review with you.

What are your monthly fees?

Our monthly service fee (sometimes called "hosting") starts at around $50 per month for very small websites.
This includes unlimited support by phone, email, and live chat from within our software. 

Municipal websites typically start at $150 and include most of our applications. 

County websites and very large website will be priced higher and must be custom quoted

Website may be designed completely custom, or using some of our semi-custom designs and components to save money.

No Hidden Fees
Our competitors charge separate hosting fees for each of their applications, and they also charge annual "service fees" on top of that.
They also automatically raise their fees each year that your website is hosted by them.
EvoGov believes in fair, transparent pricing. To win your business, we can commit to five years of service without a price increase.
All fees are easy to understand in our proposals, and there is just one fee to pay in most cases. 

In many cases, we are less than half the cost of other national providers.

How do we send EvoGov an RFP?

Simply use our quote form, which includes a file upload feature.

Website Feature Questions
Will our new website be mobile-friendly if we choose EvoGov?

Yes. We will work with your staff to ensure that the experience on all screen sizes exceeds your expectations.

Will our new website be ADA compliant?

Yes. EvoGov works with many different providers of ADA website monitoring tools which will generate your compliance statement which can help with liability protection.
These tools vary in cost depending on which provider you choose. EvoGov has partnerships with a number of these companies, and we feel we have found the most economical ones available. Our proposals will include more information if you request a quote.

Technical Hosting Questions
Where is your software hosted? What is it built with?

Our platform is built in the Python programming language, and is completely hosted on Amazon Web Services.
This enables us to provide near 100% uptime, auto-healing redundancy, security firewalls, unlimited storage, and more.
This is why we are able to build websites faster, that don't have limits.

What are the benefits of hosting our website with EvoGov on Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

There are several key benefits to hosting a website with EvoGov:

  1. Scalability: EvoGov/AWS allows you to easily scale your website's infrastructure to meet increased traffic demands. You can quickly add more resources such as compute power, storage, and bandwidth as needed. Our platform is built to auto-expand to meet the needs of your website. Including unlimited storage.

  2. Reliability: EvoGov/AWS has a highly available and reliable infrastructure, with multiple data centers around the world. This ensures that your website will have minimal downtime (near 100% uptime).

  3. Security: EvoGov/AWS provides a number of security features to protect your website and data, including firewalls, encryption, and identity and access management.

  4. Flexibility: EvoGov/AWS offers a wide range of services and resources that you can use to build and host your website, including compute, storage, and networking options. This allows you to choose the resources that best fit your needs.

  5. Cost-effectiveness: AWS offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which means that EvoGov only pays for the resources we use. This helps you save money on hosting costs, especially busy government websites with fluctuating traffic patterns.

Can EvoGov assist us in getting a .gov domain name?

Yes. Domain names that end in .gov are now free of charge and are paid for by the US Government. Some restrictions apply, such as uniqueness of the name, but usually they can be obtained in about a day.

Company Information
How long have you been in business?

EvoGov, Inc. was incorporated in Colorado in 2013.

Where are you located?

We are located in Parker Colorado. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we closed our leased office space in Lone Tree, Colorado and our teams all work remote. With the reality of Zoom being a perfect way to host IT-related meetings and training meetings, this suits our industry well. Without the overhead of operating an office building, we are able to charge lower prices to our customers.

How big is EvoGov?

Our sized has fluctuated over the years. When we began operation, we were a locally-focused provider and we operated our own datacenter. At that time most of our employees worked full time in the datacenter and as part of our IT staff. We maxed out at about 20 employees, until eventually we decommissioned our datacenter and moved our servers and software to the Amazon Web Services cloud. 

Being a cloud-based provider frees us from babysitting physical servers, and this allows us to focus on building great software and supporting our customers. 

Our staff size fluctuates a bit, but it stays at less than 20 employees because we don't need a huge staff to maintain our platform and services. We add staff as the support and growth needs require. Due to security concerns and past experiences, we no longer post our employee bios on our website. 

Each project that we build is assigned a full-time project manager based in the USA. We never outsource our work overseas.

Who owns EvoGov?

EvoGov is employee-owned. The primary shareholder is John McKown, who is the President of the company.

We are not owned by private equity!
Most of our national competitors have been acquired by private equity firms. This includes the larger companies like CivicPlus and Granicus.
Why does this matter? Because companies that are owned by private equity firms typically charge much higher prices for everything from software, to hosting, to support with MANY up-charges. 

They have to.  Being a smaller, employee-owned company means that we have more skin in the game with our customer relationships and we care more about our customer service. Our leadership has been in the professional web design industry since 1997, and we are positioned well for long-term growth.