Authorized EvoGov Partners

EvoGov, Inc. Authorized Partner Program

New for 2021, EvoGov has created an Authorized Partner Program designed for; IT companies, Design Companies, and Software companies to fully utilize our local government website platform to build and host mission-critical local government websites.  Authorized EvoGov Partners receive special discounts, training, marketing assistance, and contract assistance to help them win more projects and build them successfully. If you are interested in becoming an EvoGov Partner, please contact us at

July 2021 - EvoGov Announces New Authorized Partner - NuETHIC

NuETHIC is a website development firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah who have historically specialized in ECommerce websites, and have now shifted their focus to building cutting-edge local government websites. NuETHIC employs Project Managers, a Creative Team, and Content Managers to bring together a talented team to the website upgrade projects that they build. NuETHIC has partnered with EvoGov to take advantage of EvoGov's proven cloud-based platform for local government websites, and our suite of local government applications. This allows NuETHIC to focus on building great websites, without having to maintain the code for the platform itself. NuETHIC customers will get enjoy early-access to the latest EvoGov applications and features as they are released. Choosing NuETHIC as your website project vendor is like getting two website development teams in one, as EvoGov's staff works closely with NuETHIC to ensure the best possible outcome for their projects.

NuETHIC Contact Information:
Brandon Alberts