Base CMS Features - Photo-Rich Slideshows

Slideshow Features

  • Full-screen background slideshows for that "photo rich" look that makes site look great.
  • Letterbox slideshow layouts for more condensed designs.
  • Department home page slideshows - each department can manage their own department page slideshow.
  • Embed slideshows into pages - use slideshows for events or special topics. 
  • Titling
    • Create a headline of text for your slides.
    • Use styles to change the font family, size, and colors of your slideshow titles.
  • Action Button Builder
    • Create multiple actions buttons per slide.
    • Float buttons to the left, right, or center.
    • Buttons can have a custom design to match your branding.
  • Drone Video Ready - simply add drone videos and other videos to your slideshows.
  • Video production assistance is available.
  • Vimeo video streaming service is also available (helps to avoid advertisements in your videos compared with YouTube).

Example of a photo-rich background slideshow