Many IT managers are curious about what is "under the hood" with our software and hosting.
We believe in full transparency, so instead of vague descriptions regarding how we build and host our software, this page describes our technology stack in detail. 


Your website's uptime and security is as important to us as it is to you.
That is why we utilize large datacenter providers, and a combination of proven technologies for running our web applications. 
We utilize two datacenter providers; Liquid Web, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). 
Our latest platform that we use for all new projects runs 100% on AWS.

Evo.Cloud (version 5 of our software, our latest version) ( ) is our all-new website management system.
All new websites that we build are built with Evo.Cloud.
Many federal government agencies are now using Amazon AWS ( ) because of its power, scalability, cost benefits, and improved security.  
The stack listed below is for 

Application Software

Front-End Coding Scripts and Frameworks

  • Responsive Framework - ANY - Oue in-house themes are built on Bootstrap ( )
  • CSS - Built-in CSS editor. CSS3 with automatic LESS compression. SASS coming soon.
  • JavaScript Framework - Use ANY that you like, themes come with AngularJS
  • Application Framework - Django -  ( )
  • Our CMS exposes ALL design code, css, scripts, and templates with built-in versioning and editors. 

Code Versioning System (CVS)

  • Git / GitHub Private Repositories

Servers and Services

  • Web Server - nginx
  • ‚ÄčApplication Server - Load-balanced and auto-scaling AWS Elastic Beanstalk instances running Python and 64bit Amazon Linux
  • Caching - Amazon ElastiCache
  • SSL - 2048bit SSL certificates are included FREE for all domains that we host (your site can have multiple domains)
  • Database - AWS RDS running PostgreSQL
  • Storage - Amazon S3
  • DNS - Amazon Route53 (we recommend using Amazon's redundant, distributed DNS vs. GoDaddy and other DNS providers).
  • SMTP - Mass emails are sent using's services to improve delivery success and delivery speed for newsletters.

In Development

  • Evo311 - our new 311 system, which will rival SeeClickFix, PublicStuff, and other vendors. 
  • EvoSMS - Mass SMS message manager.

CMS-Logic CMS (version 4 of our software - our legacy version)

With Liquid Web, we utilize their Michigan datacenter to host our private server clusters that are a mix of physical hardware and virtual servers. 
The Liquid Web servers run our legacy V4 CMS.