EvoGov CMS Application List

All EvoGov applications are included with hosting
All of our applications are included in our hosting fee, which costs less than our main competitors.
Your new website will complete with all of these features, without paying separate fees or using insecure plugins.
All applications (and your website) receive regular application updates.

Foundation CMS Features

Alert System & Emergency Home Page

Photo-Rich Slideshows

Event Calendars

Meeting Calendars


  • Unlimited news areas.
  • News subscriptions.
  • News areas for each department.
  • Push news to social media, home page, and multiple news areas.
  • Full page editing for news posts allows you to add photos, links, files, and videos to your posts.

Financial Transparency Feature

EvoGov will help you to display your financial data on your website in a meaningful way to help foster financial transparency.
Data is displayed with an interactive pie chart, which includes customizable information panels for each expense.


Form Builder

  • Drag and drop form fields.
  • Allow file uploads, including very large files.
  • Files are stored in a file storage area that is assigned to each form.
  • Send emails and SMS text messages to groups of people when a form is submitted.
  • Each form automatically builds a SQL database to store submissions from website visitors.
  • Export data from the SQL database to CSV files by date range.

Page Builder

Easy to use, but very powerful and integrated, the page builder allows you to create pages that are tied to departments, and that contain applications.pages.png

Maps - Interactive Maps with Custom Layers and Integrated Business Directory

  • Create unlimited maps with any combination of layers.
  • Parks maps include turn-key amenities for each park.
  • Business directory is built-in, for creating economic development downtown business maps easily.
  • All map data is stored in a PostGIS database for possible import/export with ESRI and ArcGIS.

Example Parks and Recreation District with interactive park mapping - see it live at www.larpd.org/maps.

Menu Manager

  • Build beautiful Mega Menus in your website, making all major hyperlinks one click away.
  • Add interactive content to your menus, including; action buttons, photos, news, and meeting lists.


File Manager

  • Large file uploads supported (multi-gigabyte files)
  • Built-in Image Editing.
  • Bulk file replace without editing content.
  • Friendly URLs to all files.
  • Name files any name you want.
  • Revert option restores original images if you damage them with editing.

File manager has a very robust image editing tool built-in. So you can upload raw photos and edit them in the CMS.

FAQ Builder (Frequently Asked Questions)

Example of an FAQ for a fire department in a city website.

Social Media Integration

  • Push to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Integrate live feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Example of a home page feature showing Twitter feed, Facebook feed, and embedded map.


  • Blogs
    • Create unlimited blogs in your website.
    • Blogs can have their own domain names.

    Payment Forms

    • Build payment forms in your website and accept payments.
    • Works with popular payment gateways like Authorize.net
    • Additional payment gateways may be added to suit your needs - ask us.

    Polls / Surveys

    • Create surveys in your website with multiple questions.
    • Give surveys their own custom URL.
    • Post results as graphs on your website.

    Included Applications

    Citizen / Customer Portal

    • Built-in self-service portal for your customers at the /portal URL.
    • Customers manage their subscriptions:
      • News
      • Calendars
      • Email newsletters
      • Bid Notifications
      • 311 ticket data
      • You can custom-design your portal to match your branding colors with your own photography.

    Sample customer portal that is built-into the CMS

    Evo311 Request Tracking System

    • Full online customer complaint ticketing system.
    • Configurable services and request types.
    • Automatically routes requests to departments and specific employees.
    • File storage for each ticket for uploaded photos and documents.
    • Mobile-friendly front-end for customers to login and create an account.
    • Email and SMS text notifications.
    • Integration with citizen/customer portal.


    Evo311 running live in the City of Wheeling West Virginia's website. The city processes citizen requests daily.

    Facility Booking - New!

    Seamlessly add bookings to any of your facilities. Adds a booking calendar to any of your facilities.


    Mass Email Messaging

    • Send mass emails to your citizens and customers.
    • Fast delivery using Sendgrid.com SMTP gateway.
    • Outbound spam protection.
    • Easy opt-out feature.
    • Built-in signup form with the CMS to sign up for newsletters and choose between topics.
    • Manage subscriptions through the Customer Portal.
    • Email newsletter template design comes with every design project.

    Did we miss something?

    There are many other small applications and custom integrations that we have created for our customers.
    We have sheriff's offices that display active jail reports on their websites using integrations we setup for them.
    We have assisted tax assessors with online applications for looking up tax liabilities by street address.
    Whatever your needs may be, or if you see something missing in our offering, please contact us.